To: Customers and Partners of VERTU
Date: 1st May 2020

We’ve found that some unscrupulous merchants and individuals illegally sold counterfeit VERTU watch products and VERTU customized products (hereinafter referred as “Counterfeit VERTU Products”) globally without our permission. We hereby declare that:

  • 1. We have never authorized any organization or individual to manufacture and sell Counterfeit VERTU Products in the name of VERTU. All products sold by our company will be listed on our official website (www.vertuonline.com) from time to time.
  • 2. Those who manufacture and sell Counterfeit VERTU Products shall immediately stop such infringements. Regarding these illegal behaviors, we have taken measures to protect our legal rights,including but not limited to national administrative means, judicial and other legal procedures for infringement prosecution and claims.
  • 3. The manufacture and sale of Counterfeit VERTU Products seriously endanger the rights and interests of consumers and the brand image of VERTU. You are welcome to call to report, help us combat counterfeit products.

Vertu Telecommunications Trading (China) Co., Ltd.

1st May 2020