Every Signature is handmade in England. Assembled by a single craftsman and bearing their individual signature only when they are happy it meets our rigorous standards.

  • Signature is the result of a decade of knowledge, passion and expertise, dedicated to creating something truly unique.
  • Only our most experienced craftsmen may create Signature, and only after years of learning how to do so.
  • There are over 25 types of screw in each Signature, some so small that just four human hairs fit into the thread.
  • Every part of Signature is handcrafted to the most exacting specifications, accuracy usually only seen in luxury watches.
  • Every surface of Signature is polished to a perfect finish; a process so complex that it takes two days to complete the ceramic pillow alone.
  • Our craftsmen spend weeks finishing each Signature, creating an unmistakable appearance and unmatched sensory expe


Signature is handcrafted using the finest rare materials, creating something not only desirable but of unmatched durability and unparalleled quality.

  • Using 83 carats of sapphire crystal to create the stunning seven-piece Signature face, the "sea of sapphire" takes more than two weeks to produce in a 2000ºC furnace. Almost impossible to scratch, it is so hard it must be cut, ground and polished with diamond-tipped tools.
  • Beautiful as well as functional, the Hot-Swap SIM drawer is engraved with a unique Vertu pattern, much like a piece of jewellery. Made from solid gold and stamped with the Vertu and Swiss Assay Office hallmarks, the Hot-Swap SIM drawer allows you to change SIM cards without powering off your device.
  • Our patented ruby key pad contains 4.75 carats of solid ruby bearings, each cut and set in its exact place like a jewel.
  • The finest leather is selected for the perfect grip and hand-finished for grain, structure and feel. The leather on the battery cover is carefully matched to ensure the grain is always consistent.


Inspired by the world’s most stylish and precise mechanisms, the design for Signature started with the desire to create something sublime.

  • Thoughtfully designed to be recognisable from any angle, Signature could only be a Vertu.
  • Our D-Ring battery release is a design icon.
  • The solid ruby bearings slide on pure sapphire crystal surfaces and are aligned so that no part of the metal key touches the sapphire face of the phone. The result is no friction, no wear, and the most satisfying click – a Signature trademark.