This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy sets out the fundamental basis on which Vertu aims to operate. Vertu strives to make a positive difference in all areas of its operations.

Vertu and our Customers

We are a world leader in luxury telecommunications and aim to deliver to our Customers a product of exceptional quality, beautiful, intelligent design and a portfolio of cutting edge services.

Vertu and the Law

We are fully committed to compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We operate in accordance with international trade requirements, including those relating to import and export regulations.

We do not encourage or condone our team, our partners or our contractors to operate outside the law in any way at any time.

Vertu and Conflicts of Interests

We insist on fairness and openness in all aspects of our business dealings and we expect the same from those we do business with. We do not offer or accept gifts, hospitality or other incentives

We operate a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards bribery and other gestures or payments which may be construed as a bribe (such as a facilitation payment).

We avoid or declare any conflict of interest which may lead to divided personal loyalties.

Vertu and Competition

We support free, open and lawful trade and seek to compete fairly and ethically within the appropriate framework of applicable anti-trust laws. We do not take part in any unlawful restrictive or anti-competitive practice.

Vertu and the Environment

We continually look for ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact. We aim to source our components from sustainable or renewable sources.

Vertu and Animal Welfare

We will work only with suppliers who share our ethical values. We continue to ensure that all exotic materials are sourced with CITES certification and that we are in possession of the complete tracking of the source of all leather and exotic skins.

We are a participant with the Bio-Trade Congress, member of UK CTG (CITES Trader Group) and part of the Responsible Eco-System Platform. We adhere to the belief that the sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity resources is essential and we desire that Vertu will assist in the global strategic plan for biodiversity.

We work diligently with our suppliers to maximise the utilisation of leather and exotic skins on our products, whilst maintaining the crucial quality standards of luxury products.

Vertu and Waste

We dispose of all electrical waste responsibly in accordance with WEEE Regulation and we operate a recycling policy for all waste, including handsets. We have targets for recycling and landfill which are adopted, published and measured.

Vertu and Quality

We are proud to have been certified to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standard and we are working towards gaining OHSAS 18001. We believe these standards communicate to our customers and suppliers our insistence on the highest possible quality in every aspect of our organisation.

Vertu and Employees

We respect the dignity of each individual employee and we are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse working environment that actively demonstrates mutual trust and respect and where everyone feels responsible for the performance of Vertu.

We are committed to equal opportunities and we recruit, employ and promote employees solely on the basis of their possession of the qualifications and abilities that are required for the job to be performed to the required standards. We support the continued professional development of our employees through training and regular internal performance reviews.

We are committed to safe working conditions for all of our employees and the partners who operate on our premises anywhere in the world. We do not and will not use any form of forced or child labour, nor will we permit this anywhere in our supply chain. We have an active supplier audit program to address this and where instances of breach are discovered we work with the supplier to try to eradicate the issue rather than switching so that we ensure working conditions are improved through our involvement.

Vertu and Suppliers

We treat our suppliers with honesty, consistency and transparency and do not favour any of them due to patronage or personal relationships. We employ corporate purchasing systems and processes for awarding contracts based objectively on merit to obtain the best quality materials and services at the most competitive prices.