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  • Your honor, welcome to the world of Vertu private butler service

    • Vertu has been adhering to its brand concept of “Creating Extraordinariness”,and been devoting to enable you to enjoy an incomparable lifestyle at the moment of fingertip touch. Ordinary time is carved into fun to present actual extraordinary experience before you.
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    The highland of elite life is occupied, and the Vertu celebrities are specially served

    • As a dedicated service for Vertu mobile phone users. Vertu has integrated global top-class resources and occupied the highland of elite life,meeting the pickiest taste and the most unique demand of Vertu users,opening the contemporary customization technology and leading the prerogative assumption,and urging the celebrities and elites using Vertu to constantly challenge and explore life,pursue their value and create excellence.
  • The extraordinary benefits and the “advanced customized service” are enjoyed by pressing down one key

    • Vertu private butler service is the pass to your elite life,provide services ranging from frequent standard to infrequent customized services. No matter where you are, only by a voice message, a call or an email,your Vertu private butler will provide 7*24h one-to-one butler service,and you can just leave all “tedious affairs” to the butler,so that Vertu will provide extremely wise choices for you rationally.Thus, you can enjoy the world freely despite of busy hours.
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    Being oriented towards beauty, closing to life and witnessing extraordinariness,

    • Vertu private butler service is also a door leading you to an extraordinary world.Under our careful arrangement, you may watch large-scale sports event around the world;learn experience about tennis skills from Agassiz and Graff at Las Vegas;enjoy pompous dinner on the stage of the state opera house in Budapest;enjoy a private dinner party with the Queen of England and other politicians and communicate with them face to face;meet globally famous chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants to taste dishes on the exclusively customized menu;and go to private sea islands to explore the secrets of the nature and concentrate on enjoying the most covert resort in the world.
  • Our professional team can serve you in a way that makes you care-free and reassured.

    • With British butler grade professional qualities and knowledge,Vertu private butler deeply learns your habits and needs and devotes to providing you with selected “advanced customized” services.No matter where you are, Vertu private butler is on call around the clock,carefully collecting wonderful things around the world and helping you open the unlimited possibilities in the brilliant world.

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